Non-NHS Services

Private medical certificates, private health insurance claim forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical examination for employment, HGV licence, joining universities, travelling abroad and other similar services are not covered by the NHS, therefore we have to make a charge.

An example of the charges are:

Certificates and Forms
Private Sick Note                                                                  £14:00

Freedom from Infection Certificate                                       £20:00

Provident Association Claim Form  (eg BUPA)                    £35:00

School Fees Insurance Claim Form                                     £35:00

Sickness / Accident Insurance Benefit Form                        £35:00

Health Club - patient fit to exercise                                       £18:00

Letter (Council) - Sundry Letter         Brief Letter                  £15:00

                                                           Long Letter                 dependant on preparation time

Medical Examination & Reports

Fee for Consultultation Certificate - Private Patient p/h approx.    £180:00

Time based private hourly rate plus report if not completed in the time

Pre -employment medicals:HGV/PCV/Taxi Driver/Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate/Racing Driver Fitness Certificate/Fitness for Sport/ Fitness to Attend School/Seatbelt Exemption as follows:                         

                                                                                              £85.00         some may be paid by the organisations                                                

Pro Forma Report                                                                  £65:00

Detailed Written Report                                                         £85:00

Comprehensive Exam and Report                                      £120:00

Shotgun Licence / Firearms                                                  £25:00

Access to Records Under Data Prtection Act            

Computerised Records                                                            £10:00   

Manual Records or Manual / Computer                                   £50:00      

Travel Abroad       

Private Script Solely for Purpose of Travel Abroad                  £14:00

Vaccination Certificate                                                              £18:00

Holiday Cancellation Certificate                                                £35:00

Fitness / Travel Certificate (Exam & Report)                            dependant on preparation time £180.00 per hour / minimum £60.00     

Occupational Vaccinations          (up to)                                    £82:00

Disabled Bus Pass                                                                    No Charge

Child Minding Form                                                                   £25.00

For a full list of fees we have a notice in reception
An appointment is not always needed for these forms, please enquire at reception.